Al Dhafra summer Festival 2019
Al Dhafra Summer Festival (2019 ) will continue to be held in Dhafra in the second week, with a growing number of students and a variety of cultural, social, cultural and programs and activities. Sa... Details ...
Al Dhafra Club launches its new season
 The first team of Al Dhafra club launched its preparations for the  season 2019/2020 on Wednesday (July 10th) at Al Zafrana Stadium in Abu Dhabi. The preparation was attended by the head of Al Dha... Details ...
Al-Dhafra begins his internal camp
 The internal gathering of the first football team of Al Dhafra Club will begin at 6:30 pm on Wednesday in Abu Dhabi Sub-Team Stadium in preparation for the abroad camp held in the Republic of Germany... Details ...
2019/2020 AGL Draw
 The draw for the season 2019/2020 in the Gulf Arabian League Al-Dhafra against his brother Al-Jazira in the first round of Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, while facing the club Union Kalba i... Details ...
Delma Tourment
Coming Soon Details ...
 Vuk:we idenetied our need
 AlDhafra coach Vuk Razovic congratulated Ajman on his winning over Al Dhafra in the last round of the Arabian Gulf League. He said that his team suffered a lot from injuries during the last period de... Details ...
 Al Dhafra 2 - 4 Ajman.
Al Dhafra coach started the second half with Hamad Al Marzouki replacing Ibrahim Saeed as Al Dhafra wanted to change the score and the team appeared to look better than Ajman and attacked while Ajman ... Details ...
Vuk: Satisfied with what we have done this season
Al Dhafra Serbian coach Vuk Razovic thanked the club's board of directors, the football company, the players of the team, the fans and all the media for their support for the entire season, stressing ... Details ...
Aldhafra 1-Aljazira 1
 Al Dhafra played a draw mach against his host Al Jazeera with a goal for each team through the meeting between both teams on Wednesday evening at Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi in the twenty... Details ...
Razovic: Al Jazeera deserves a title contest
The coach of Al Dhafra club, Vuk Razovic, said that his team would meet Al-Jazeera in the penultimate round of the Arabian Gulf League, forgetting los9ng their last match against Al Fujairah. This ca... Details ...
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