Starting from five cities in Al Dhafra Area,
08:02:22 2019-03-13
Al Dhafra Club announces the running of 20 buses to support the team in the semi-finals of the President's Cup

Al Dhafra Sports Club announced the running of 20 buses to support the first football team during the semi-final match of the UAE President's Cup against Al Sharjah, which will be held at Bani Yas Stadium in Al Shamkha on Saturday 16 March.

Khamis Eissa Al Mazrouei, Executive Director of the club said that the buses will be launched in front of the headquarters of the main club in Zayed City in Al Dhafra area and the club centers in Ghayathi,Al Marfaa, Al Silaa and Liwa cities.

The club's chief executive stressed that this announcement is primarily an affirmation of the importance of the most valuable competition in the hearts of all citizens of the UAE citizens and residents and the keenness of the club's board of directors to support the team in his declared journey and to confirm the eligibility of Al Dhafra in the title competition.
The Executive Director of Al Dhafra club called on all fans of the club in Al Dhafra to register with the audience's coordinators in the mentioned cities.

Al Mazrouei also called the fans of the club in the city of Abu Dhabi and its suburbs to attend the game by contacting the coordinator of the masses to get the tickets through the official website of the club and means of social networking and wish success to Al Dhafra team in snatching the qualification card for the final game for the first time in his history.


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