Al-Idrisi: Congratulations to all the club's members, led by the board of directors, the players and the fans.
16:43:04 2022-05-26
Al Dhafra Club technical director Badr Al Din Al Idrissi

 presented his congratulations to the club’s board of directors, the football company, his team players, fans and all club members for confirming the team’s staying in the ADNOC Professional League, after its victory over Al Orooba yesterday 2/1 during the meeting that brought both teams together at Hamdan Bin Zayed Stadium Al Nahyan.In Zayed City, Al Dhafra region, in the last round of the ADNOC Professional League.

This came during the match evaluation press conference, which was held by the teams' coaches in the press conference hall at Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan Stadium shortly after the match.
Al-Idrisi added that the match was truly the match of the season because the opponent was coming and had no choice but to win after he played good matches during the last rounds.

Al Dhafra coach said that the opponent caused big problems for his team at the beginning of the match and was able to score the goal, which put Al Dhafra under great pressure, praising at the same time the high concentration of Al Dhafra players, which made them able to return to the game during the first half.

The coach of Al Dhafra Club admitted that the expulsion might have affected his opponent, at the same time reducing the expulsion in such matches, citing Al Dhafra's position during previous rounds in which he was able to play strong matches with ten players against big teams.

Al-Idrisi revealed that he asked his players during the break to focus and calm down and try to score a goal despite the opponent's desperation during the second half and his attempts to surprise Al Dhafra.

The coach of Al Dhafra Club added that he made several changes during the second half with the aim of injecting new blood into the team, as Suhail Al Mansouri managed to score the safety goal that gave the team the comfort and security of its staying for the new season.
Al-Idrisi renewed his thanks to the team's players who completed a difficult season and worked hard to preserve his chances of staying in the ADNOC Professional League.

The coach of Al Dhafra hoped that this season would be a lesson for everyone after this epic, stressing that Al Dhafra will appear during the next season with a different appearance, whether with Badr Al Din Al Idrissi or any other coach, and in advance, he thanked them for the trust of the club’s board of directors for his role.

For his part, the coach of Al Orooba Club congratulated Al Dhafra Club on staying and thanked the players of his team and the management of his club for their performance throughout the whole season.

Al-Obaidi added that football is events that must be learned from and benefit from in the future so that the team can return and move forward.

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