Ahmed Al Qubaisi apologizes for continuing as president of the football company
12:38:52 2022-06-06
Ahmed Omran Al Qubaisi, Head of Al Dhafra

 Football Company, stated that he apologized for continuing as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Dhafra Football Company during the coming period.

Al Qubaisi explained that he apologized for continuing after the team ensured that it would remain in the ADNOC Professional League and after the team's last match against Al Orooba, which Al Dhafra won 2/1.

The head of Al Dhafra Football Company confirmed that his apology came after he had spent more than two decades since the founding of the club, participating in various departments and in various positions, in order to provide an opportunity for a new generation of young people from the club and the region to carry the banner of  Al Dhafra Club.

Al Qubaisi thanked the club’s chairman, Abd Allah Buti Al Qubaisi, the club’s board of directors, and the members of Al Dhafra Football Company for their cooperation during the ending season, which contributed to the team’s staying in the ADNOC Professional League after a long and hard season.

Al Qubaisi hoped that Al Dhafra would appear better during the next season, pointing out that the team, with its capabilities, is qualified to be in better situations and team can also compete for one of the two championships, the President’s Cup and the Professional Cup, as it did twice during the past three seasons, stressing his support for the team through any location in which he will be in.


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