Veselinovi?: We Face A"champion”
13:43:12 2023-02-03
Al Dhafra Serbian coach, Al Dhafra Club, Aleksandar

             Veselinovi?, said that he will face a "champion team" during the next round of the ADNOC League.

This came during the press conference introducing Al Ain match, which was held by Veselinovi? in Abu Dhabi today, Friday, February 3rd, to reveal Al Dhafra's preparations for the match, during which he was accompanied by the Bulgarian team player, Georgi Milanov.
Al Dhafra coach explained that he sees Al Ain as one of the best teams in the league in terms of capabilities and shows this to everyone by analyzing the matches of the team that has distinguished players such as Lapa, Ermalenko, Rahimi and others.
During the press conference, Al Dhafra coach returned to the two teams' match in the second round of the league, which Al Dhafra lost by seven goals, indicating that the second round match will be a challenge for his team.
He added that he will see how his team has changed three months after the first-round match.
Al Dhafra coach believes that his team's players are smart enough to understand the difficulty of this match, praising what Al Dhafra players have done during the last two matches, hoping that they will continue with the same performance.
The Serbian coach said they realize they need  for points due to the team's late situation and will work through each match to earn more points.
About the expected absences in the team, Veselinovic said that Baniyas match three days ago in the Cup, may have exhausted the players because it continued for additional rounds, and therefore the degree of recovery of the players may vary and be delayed.

  From his part, Al Dhafra Bulgarian player, Geogi Milanov confirmed their readiness for Al Ain match adding that, they realize the importance of the match for their team and they know that, they are facing one of the strongest teams in the league which is looking forward to continue the good result to come nearer to the top clubs.

Finally, he called for Al Dhafra fans to come and support the team and attend every game because this have a great  moral effect for the players confirming that they will enter the match to achieve the best result.

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