Al Dhafra Sport and Cultural Club, Emirati Football Club, is considered to be as the most up-to-date club, which was established through Etisalate Pro League in 2000.The club, has been established along the lines of consistent and clear government policy, which aims to develop and improve sport and youth everywhere in the U.A.E.
The Club is keen to provide a lot of various services and activities to all Western Region Cities’ Residents.
The Club seeks to consolidate cooperation and friendship bonds with all the concerned authorities and organizations that have to do with sport and youth development.
The Club’s vision is to set the club up as an international integrated sport facility, which provides a healthy life for Nationals and Expatriates by giving the opportunity for the youth to cultivate their capabilities and potentials
Since the Club has been declared in 2000.The Club has become a hard number in the U.A.E. Clubs as well as it has accomplished a great achievement by promoting to the Spotlight League from the first season in 2001-2002.
Al Dhafra Club includes well-qualified and expert National and expatriate players.
Since its inception in 2000, Al Dhafra Club was not very far from the first division tournament, which turned into a professional league in season 2008-2009.

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